About Us

Spinning Caps Publishing Company.


Josiah "Jo" Hackett

The man behind the curtain.

Hometown: Akron, OH

Height: 5'11"

Position: SG

Fav Movie: Hot Fuzz

Fav Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Fav Artist/Band: Cory Wong

Creator of most if not all books behind the name Spinning Caps and its writers: James Lyte, Delaney Brand, Jack Lenoir, and Danny Blanco.

Book designer and editor though he asks for help most if not all of the time.

Can't decide if he wants a mustache or not.

Chloe J. Hackett

The woman behind the man.

Hometown: Hammond, IN

Height: 5'5"

Position: Stopper

Fav Movie: N/A

Fav Character: Ahsoka Tano

Fav Kind of Food: Asian

Logo designer.

Confidant of the writers.

Current/future collaborator.

Colorist and painter.

The most opinionated unopinionated person out there.

Bentlidge Hackett

The first gray cat.

Hometown: Hammond, IN

Height: 3/4ths of a shin

Weight: More than 13 lbs. at this point.

Age: 1

Motivation: Food

Fav Food: Tuna

Secondary Muse.

Soundboard for ideas.

"Mochi" Hackett

The second gray cat.

Hometown: Mishawaka, IN

Height: 3/8ths of a shin

Weight: 10ish lbs. give or take, who knows?

Age: 4

Motivation: Love

Fav Place: Behind Gray Couch

Tertiary Muse.

Stoic Mind.


Jo Hackett's Creative Life

Fall 2007 - He wrote his first short story named The Ladder. It is in the midst of being tranmogrified into a ten minute play within the collection The Ubiety.

Fall 2008 - He acted in his first production, wherein he played a farmer and quite likely a tree. He remembers wearing a oversized t-shirt in the rehearsals. He like standing over the air vent and letting his shirt balloon.

Spring 2009 - He started singing in various choirs.

Summer 2012 - He played keyboard in a band called Sacred Noize. They weren't very good.

Fall 2012 - He started singing in his men's chorus in high school. He would continue that through his Senior year.

Fall 2013 - He began playing bass in his youth group. He played the root notes. He wasn't very good.

Fall 2014 - He joined the Madrigal Singers and Symphonic Choir at his high school.

Spring 2015 - He started the J Quartet, a barbershop quartet that sang spirituals, uptunes, and holiday classics. They performed The Longest Time by Billy Joel at a Spring concert MC'd by some of the members.

Spring 2015 - He wrote his first poem, Gravedigger. It was lost in the annals of some cemetery in Northeast Ohio. Some dead guy was buried with it. It was meant to be the masterpiece, the moneymaker, but again it's in a grave plot somewhere in Akron.

Spring 2015 - He wrote his first drafts of Urbana and Rurala,  which are in the collection Daily Prisms.

Spring 2015 - He performed as an ensemble member/the guy who says to call 911 in a musical called Ghost: The Musical.

Summer 2015 - He performed as an ensemble member/Mad Hatter in a musical called Shrek: The Musical.

Spring 2016 - He performed as an ensemble member in a musical called The Little Mermaid.

Spring 2016 - He joined the band, Los Muchachos, as the bassist and played Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr. at his high school's talent show.

Spring 2018 - He recorded an EP with Los Muchachos to be unheard by the public unless you ask him to play it off his computer.

Fall 2018 - He started writing poetry again. Then he stopped quite suddenly.

Winter 2018 - He wrote his first play. It wasn't very good.

Spring 2019 - He performed as Robert in a musical called The Drowsy Chaperone.

Spring 2019 - He performed as Handsome Warren in a children's play called Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook.

Fall 2019 - He performed as Tuzenbach in a Chekov play called Three Sisters. 

Fall 2019 - He performed as John Willoughby and John Dashwood in a play called Sense and Sensibility. He gave up acting shortly after that.

Spring 2020 - He started writing poetry again. This time he continued.

Spring 2020 - He started on Kaleidoscopic Creatures.

Spring 2020 - He started on Tangible Colors.

Fall 2020 - He started on The Tree.

Spring 2021 - He started on Tinted Fires.

Spring 2021 - He was involved in an interview series called Bethel Creatives with the publication, The Crossings, with Bethel University. In the interview, he was asked about his creative life with writing, singing, acting, and more.

Spring 2021 - He published his first short story.

Fall 2021 - He published his second short story.

Fall 2021 - He started on Fifth Night.

Fall 2021 - He started on Daily Prisms.

Spring 2022 - He started on Chromatic Reservoirs.

Fall 2022 - He gave up on writing.

Spring 2023 - He gave up on giving up on writing. He published Daily Prisms and Tangible Colors.

Spring 2023 - He started on Dyed Dwellings.

Spring 2023 - He published Dyed Dwellings and Tinted Fires.

Summer 2023 - He published Fifth Night and Kaleidoscopic Creatures.

Summer 2023 - He started on Everything Tones.

Fall 2023 - He revived The Tree.

Fall 2023 - He started on Marbled Paint.

Winter 2023 - He published Everything Tones.