Danny Blanco


A Short Biography

Danny Blanco started writing stories in the second grade. After spending his youth in South Carolina, he hopped around Ohio during his pre-teen and teenage years. He is a professor in the English department at Greene University. He's working up the courage to write a novella, but for now has found short stories to be his bread and butter. He would call himself James Lyte's best friend, but he doesn't acually believe that to be the case. He loves collaborating with James Lyte, providing commentary to Lyte's many works. Blanco teaches many of the literature and grammar courses, leaving all the creative writing classes to Professor Lyte. Blanco and his wife met in Toledo, more specifically, Maumee, while they were travelling in opposite directions.


Chromatic Reservoirs

Propaganda from the Anti-Suicide Club.

The Tree

An unchronological look at addiction.


A short story collection of Ohio.