Delaney Brand


A Short Biography

Delaney Brand, a frequent collaborator and musician born in South Bend, Indiana, graduated from Greene University in 2020 with his B.A. in Music and a focus in choral composition. In his last semester of college, he had the pleasure of working with another choral arranger on his accents and vowel placements for SATB choirs. He is working on orchestrating two musicals and setting James Lyte's poems to music. He is a baritone and was at one point a vocal performance major, but he abandoned that to focus on what he loved: tearing apart musical ideas and putting ants on a page. He is a healthy bachelor, living on the border of South Bend and Mishawaka. 


Tinted Fires

Tinted Fires is a dive into the relationship between anxiety and dreams, a journey of reconciling with reality while being haunted by nightmares. Brand sets Tinted Fires to music for the purpose of sharing those anxieties in an aural form. From the burns of the past in Rock Bottom to the refusal to drown in Repetition, Lyte, after three collections, continues to push the boundary of humanity while staying completely grounded.


Secret Project

A musical collaboration with one man.

Secret Project

A musical collaboration in the woods.