Jack Lenoir


A Short Biography

Although he was an actor in middle and high school with a stint in elementary and college, Jack Lenoir decided to put the acting life behind him and instead write for those thespians he loved. He wrote his first play in spite of someone. They challenged him by stating he couldn't write a play in two weeks. He beat the challenge, but the play was absolute rubbish. Unfortunately, it won't see the light of day unless Lenoir drastically rewrites all the faults and continuity errors out. He has found his niche in writing short ten minute plays, but will soon grow out of that to tackle full length plays. He loves collaboration; therefore, he decided to write together with George Sanders, world-renowned actor, on their upcoming project, The Ubiety. Almost lastly, he grew up in Minnesota, but has found himself in Indiana, working and growing as an artist. Lastly, he changed his name from Lewis Schwartz to Jack Lenoir to further shroud himself in mystery.


The Ubiety

A five to six part amalgamation of plays.

Secret Project

A collaboration in Poland.